JW Mark’s poems have appeared in the below publications:

2015 Hessler Street Fair Poetry Anthology will publish “Expiring”.

Veil: Journal of Darker Musings will publish “Asiaq” and “Plea” in its October 2015 issue.

Vagabonds will publish “A Normal Afternoon” in its 2015 issue.

The Corvus Review will publish “The Echo” and “Clowning” in its Spring 2015 issue.

Shooter Literary Magazine will publish “Target Skin” in its December 2014 issue.

Chaos Poetry Review will publish “Comic Sans”, “Cranberry Lines in Maze”, “Curse”, “In Hurricane”, and “Sledding” in 2014.

Freshwater will publish “Nose Job” in its 2015 edition.

VerbalArt published “Enuresis” in its January-June 2014 issue

The Road Not Taken, a journal of formal poetry published “Candy Maker” in its Fall 2014 issue.

Potluck Magazine published “Stash”, “Sunday Outing”, and “Skin Symbols” on June 16, 2014

Every Day Poetry published “Astronomy” on April 20, 2014.

Luna Negra published “Exhibit Casualty” in its Spring 2014 issue.

The Tidal Basin Review published 11/11 in its Winter 2015 issue.

East Coast Literary Review published “Comanche Drum” and “Waylaid Wavy Lays” in its Winter, 2013 issue.

Bitterzoet Magazine published “Domesticated” in its July 2013 online issue.

The Path published “Bees in Hiding”, “Existential Hot Dog Poetry”, “JELL-O Shot”, “Possession Coconut” and “Summer Play” in its Summer Issue, Volume One, Issue Three.

Futures Trading published “Honeymoon” in its August issue.

The Germ published “Recipe” and “Martyr Mice” in its inaugural issue.

Chronogram published “Bed Canoe” in its January 2013 issue.

Inclement Magazine published “Broom Ballerine” in its 2013 Summer issue.

Luna Negra published “Bowl Hearted” in its Spring, 2013 issue.

The Istanbul Review published “Green, Green Thumb” and “Pour” in its second issue.

Graze Magazine published “February Banquet”, “Humble Harvest” and “Cooking Lessons” in its second issue of October, 2012.

22 Magazine published “Scrimp and Save” in June of 2012.

Haggard & Halloo published “Spike” on February 4, 2012.

Madswirl published “Decision and Dominion” on January 14, 2012.

Crack the Spine published “Decision and Dominion” and “Office” in Issue Nine in January of 2012.

Poydras Review published “Raccoons at Betty Crocker’s House” on February 16, 2012.

The Penguin Review of Youngstown State University published “Food Critic” and ‘Snacking” in its Spring 2012 issue.

The Evertalis published “Lost Items” and “Office” in its debut issue.

The Toucan published “Armstrong” on September 9, 2011.

The Lost and Found Quarterly will publish “Whistling” in its debut issue.

Indigo Rising Magazine UK  published ‘Memory” in Issue 1 in October, 2011.

Inkspill Magazine  published “Armstrong” in its sixth issue in March of 2012.

Bacopa Literary Review published “Hang Dismantled” in its 2012 issue.

The North Chicago Review published “Cooking Lessons” in its debut issue.

Flashquake published “Boredom” in its Summer 2011, (Volume 10, Issue 4) issue.

The Eunoia Review published “Beside the Fallen Cherry Tree” on May 23, 2011; “Lost Items” on May 24, 2011; and “Tracing Pathways” on May 25, 2011.

Midwest Literary Magazine published “Sledding” and “Tracing Pathways” in the February 2011 and included both works it “Winter Canons”, a paperback published in February, 2011.

The Ampersand Review published “Rampart” in its sixth volume.